Christine + Gabe

Hello ladies and gents! There are a few reasons why I love this wedding. First, this wedding was TOTALLY destination. The bride trusted us so much, that we did not meet her until a few days before her wedding. Christine, had our full package planning and we took care of every detail for her. She was 100% involved in the process, and in the end we think she had the perfect, flawless, wedding day. I am so excited to share some of her pictures. Her ceremony took place at 1pm in the beautiful Jackson Square, and then everyone met back up for a special surprise. Her entire guest list were all from out of town as well, so we thought it would AMAZING to surprise everyone with a second-line. We passed out the "hankies" at the ceremony and instructed everyone to "Bring it with you!" The guest and the happy new couple met at the Royal Sonesta-Irvin Mayfields Bar and there waiting was a police escourt and the fabulous Storyville Stompers. This second line band was so full of energy it took the experience to a whole different level for me. I personally LOVE second-lines so for me to lead one this energetic and happy just made my night. The guest loved it as well. We stopped in the street in front of Antoine's and had a mini dance party. After all the dancing ended, the guest headed upstairs to the 12th night room in Antoines and continued on with their dinner. All in all, it was a very relaxed fun wedding day with a few twist and surprises. Hope you love the pictures from Marc Pagani Photography. His associate Mike did an amazing job capturing the entire day.

Wedding Planning-Belle Soiree'
Hair/Make up: Canal Place-Aveda
Photography: Mike of Marc Pagani Photography
Officant: Linda Strickland
Second-Line band: Storyville Stompers
Rentals: Event Rental
Reception: Antoine's
Florist: Erin Steen