Stripe me crazy | Wedding Trends

Happy Monday Peeeeople!

I personally love Mondays. I know that sounds crazy and I'm sure I will change my mind when I have children to run after who actually have to be somewhere on a Monday. For me, it's the first day of the week and I get a fresh new start! My house is usually a disaster from the weekend fun so I spend the day recharging, researching, answering my emails, and grocery shopping. It's a little secret of mine, but I L-O-V-E grocery shopping. Strange, I know. Anywho...

Todays post is all about the STRIPES! For some reason I have always been over the moon about stripes. If my beau would let me, everything in our home would be striped. Even the walls. And the pillows. And the rug. Seriously, I love stripes.

A lot of the time, people associate stripes with the nautical theme. I have no idea why, I just know I am guilty of this myself. The stripes have become a major part of weddings in the year 2014 and I am sure it will flow over to 2013. Again, stripes doesn't necessarily mean nautical but they do go hand in hand. See below :)

Nautical also doesn't mean navy, but again it seems to be most popular. Or maybe..I just love navy. Navy stripes! Navy stripes mixed with gold sparkle = heaven.

As you can see, there are many ways to include stripes in your wedding without going overboard. You can go as heavy as your heart desires or as light as wish. A little stripe never hurt nobody!

Till next time....