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Happy Monday!

Eat, Drink, and Be Married! One of my favorite sayings never looked so good as it does in chalk. 
 Who knew an old classroom staple could become so darn popular for weddings? It's really not too hard to see why, it's whimsical and fun to name a few of its charms. Chalkboards can also be a great and useful way to display things like a large sign as decor, escort cards, or wedding favors. There are no limits to chalking as it allows you to be simple or grand. Here are a few unique ways we found to use chalkboards in your wedding:

Beautiful welcome signage:

charming details:

Dinner menus:

And my favorite- seating charts:

If you are a crafty DIY'er, many of these chalkboard details can be made yourself. I have had my share of late night chalkboard painting parties. Chalkboard paint now comes in a variety of colors which opens the doors to many more creative ideas. However you choose to incorporate these details into your big day know that we will love them.

We love to hear from you! What are your favorite chalkboard details?


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